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Who is Naturally RP?  

Hi, I'm Christopher, and I have a warm, genuine and authoritative voice with a native RP (received pronunciation) accent.

 Clear, professional and persuasive, it means I can deliver your story with the utmost assurance and impact.  

I am a UK based Voice Actor with experience in documentaries, audio drama, training and business tutorials, e-commerce, ADR, call waiting systems and computer games.  

As an award-nominated actor, I am also capable of creating a variety of believable characters.  


Nominated for 4 One Voice Awards:

  • Voiceover Artist of the Year

  • Best Corporate/Explainer performance

  • Best Gaming Performance

  • Best Television Documentary Performance


Clients Include


Reasons you should work with me


  • Super-fast turnaround: Delivery of finished audio in 24 hours or less, so you even have time for an unexpected tea (or coffee) break! 

  • Options for indecisive clients: Uncertain about the brief?  I am happy to provide alternate takes when required to give your end client the choices they need.

  • 'No risk' free sample:  Think my voice might fit your project, but not 100% sure?  No problem!  I'm happy to provide a free sample, so you can be confident in getting the results you want before booking.

  • Remote direction: If you'd like to direct me live via Skype or any other software, that's no problem - plus you can keep all the takes, or ask me to pick out the best ones for you.

  • Help to build your 'go-to' talent list: I know that my voice might not be perfect for every single project, but I'm well connected with my peers and always happy to offer recommendations and referrals to my trusted network of voice actors if you need a different option to me.

  • Remove the cost and headache of casting sites: Paying extra commission to get hundreds of submissions, variously suffering from insufficient technical know-how or talent, is a waste of your time.  Let me help you build a shortlist of proven talents you can refer to for projects, confident in the knowledge you'll get great options every time.

About me

One of my first memories is sitting on my mother's knee watching a production of Shakespeare's The Tempest, when the protagonist Prospero, spotted me (aged 9) in the front row and showed me his book of spells.  

Ever since then I have been fascinated by the art of storytelling, and it spurred me to train at the renowned Central School of Speech and Drama (with alumni as diverse as Laurence Olivier, Judi Dench, Gael Garcia Bernal and Andrew Garfield) as an actor.

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Some actors consider voiceover as a bonus - you don't have to get into costume eight times a week, you don't even have to learn the words!  But the more VO projects I worked on, the more I realised that my actor training could inform my voiceover work and vice versa.  I appreciated the value of bringing my experiences and creativity to each job, while simultaneously learning the craft of 'taking the words off the page' and making them my own.

Thanks to the numerous places I've been and wonderful actors I've worked with, I feel that I can bring a world of experience and expertise to each role or project.  With experience ranging from gaming characters to mo-cap, corporate explainers to animation, I promise to take the words from your pages and let them fly as they should.

I own and operate my own professional home studio, and am also based in London, so can easily travel to a studio of your choice.

Get in touch!

Have a question, a project to discuss or simply want to know more?  Then please send a message or get in touch and lets talk!